Plastic Surgery – Tummy Tucks

Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure which is carried out to tone up the area around the abdomen. Saggy or loose abdominal skin is stretched and tightened up to form a very smooth and soft surface. The procedure is carried out as an elective cosmetic surgery even though it takes several months to recover fully and form a flat tummy. The procedure leads to a flatter and firmer abdominal area, and rebuilds abdominal muscles at the same time. There are several variations of the procedure to allow for modifications depending on the needs of each patient.

The procedure involves various steps as outlined below:

tummy tuckAn incision is made above the pubic area from hip to hip. Another incision is made at the navel to detach it from the surrounding tissues. The abdominal wall and skin are separated, and the skin is raised to reveal the muscles. The muscles of the abdomen are attached together in a new position that tightens them. The fat and skin are pulled towards the first cut and pulled over the muscles tightly. Another hole is cut around the navel, excess fat and skin are removed and the incisions are closed.

Brief Overview of the Surgery 

Generally, the procedure involves incisions above the pubic area to stretch the skin and remove the excess fat and skin. A mini-tummy tuck can be performed with liposuction to give the best results. Complex abdominoplasty procedures for full tummy involve incisions that span from one hip to the other and towards the upper pubic area. The procedure has additional benefits that include noticeable weight loss and getting rid of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Many tummy tucks restore muscles that are either weakened or separated or both. By doing a tummy tuck the patient will have smoother and firmer muscles in the abdominal area.

We have all heard of the famous six-pack stomach. This is a well-designed set of abdomen muscles that many people, both young and old, strive for. There are hundreds of Internet companies that advertise their products to help you achieve his desired look. They say that through a regimented program of exercise and weight training you too will have a perfect set of abdominal muscles. However, there are many cases where these vigorous methods will not produce the desired effect.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that many individuals who have an otherwise normal body proportion and weight need. This is because there may be a time when the abdomen protrudes outward or becomes loose and sags. There are many reasons for this but the most common reasons include either a person growing older, a heredity issue, a pregnancy, a previous surgical procedure or a sudden weight gain or weight loss.

It is important for the cosmetic surgeon carrying out the procedure to have a look at your medical history and perform various tests. This gives the surgeon an idea of your general health condition, which is crucial in determining whether you are fit for the procedure to reduce any risks since the tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

As mentioned above, there are many good reasons for a person to consider a tummy tuck. However, there are also reasons why a person should never consider a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck is not a program or a substitute for either losing weight or avoiding exercise. If a person wants to lose those extra pounds there are many methods to do so.

There is of course regular weight loss when doing a weekly exercise program along with an approved diet. There are also many diet supplements on the market that can be used for losing weight. However, a tummy tuck is not a recommended way to lose weight.

Even though a person may have a tummy tuck and look slimmer, the results of a tummy tuck are theoretically everlasting. If you have a tummy tuck procedure and continue to have weight fluctuations, the positive results of the cosmetic surgery procedure will be greatly reduced. This would be something that you would want to avoid at all costs.

Therefore, if you are considering to either greatly increase or reduce your future weight you should put off your tummy tuck until later. This also applies to women who may want to have future children. As always, the pros and cons of a tummy tuck procedure should be researched by the patient. A cosmetic surgeon will explain all of these important details to you when you visit their office.