A List of Companies That Offer Aircraft Restoration Services

Are you currently looking for the best companies you can trust with your vintage, antique and warbird aircrafts or an Aircraft parts and restoration company? Look no further because the following companies offer a wide range of aircraft restoration and maintenance services to suit your taste.

Sanders Aeronautics

Sanders Aeronautics is an aircraft restoration company that specializes in the restoration of vintage and warbird aircraft. They have over three decades of experience in the industry making them one of the most trusted aircraft restorations in America. The service they offer include annual inspection, general aircraft maintenance, airframe repairs, and equipment upgrades as well as major aircraft restorations. The company makes sure that the services they provide are approved by the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAA) and are based on customers’ requests and specifications. All aspects of aircraft restoration are performed in-house including light and heavy sheet metal fabrication and repairs, assembly, welding and aircraft systems. A new addition to Sanders Aeronautics is the 10,000 square feet facility that will be used for long-term restoration projects. These long-term restoration projects can include import assemblies and sheet metal restoration on warbird, classic, custom and vintage aircraft. Furthermore, the company offers hand formed custom sheet metal parts in hardened and durable condition for parts that are no longer sold in the market.

Bipe, INC.

If you are looking for an aircraft restoration company make sure you find one that has years of extensive experience in the industry like Bipe Inc. It started out as a humble T Hanger during the 70’s and 80’s and then in 2002 it became a hangar complex at Lantana (Palm Beach County Airpark). Fast-forward to six years later and Bipe Inc. finally became one of the major private vintage aircraft restoration companies in eastern America with more than thirty years of experience.

Bipe, Inc. manages three restorations every year. Bipe, Inc. also offers EAA workshops held in an ultramodern training facility. Furthermore, for those who are interested to learn and know more about the craft, they also offer Apprenticeship Programs in restoring vintage aircrafts. Basically, the company specializes in the overall restoration of vintage planes like Great lakes, Cubs and Waco back to their original structure. They make sure that the configurations are smooth and accurate. Examples of the services they offer include pre-purchase inspections, complete frame up restorations, historical accuracy and detailing, rigging, show quality fabric covering, insurance estimates, phone consultations, maintenance workshops, offer advice on how to win awards with your airplane and historical accuracy of your airplane, movie studio prop services, restoration facility tours, hands-on learning workshops, repair estimates and apprentice A&P Programs.

Aircorps Aviation

Aircorps Aviation is committed in providing top-quality restoration and maintenance services of WWII and vintage aircraft. The services they offer include complex metal and stretch forming, major component overhauls and hydraulic component overhaul and testing. They have an elite Restoration team that consistently executes remarkable work by paying very close attention to even the tiniest detail. Aaircorps Aviation is able to restore classic aircrafts like the P-47 and the P-51 to its original state. The company is able to successfully redefine WWII aircrafts allowing those built in the 20th century to fly today! The company has a team of Airframe & Power plant mechanics and restorers that are more than capable of duplicating the techniques done in the 1940’s while using modern-day equipment.


Aircraft Restoration & Marketing or better known as ARMAir is a company that offers top-quality aircraft products and services located in Tucson, Arizona. With nearly 26 years of experience, ARIMAir is able to successfully provide you with a wide range of aircraft related services including dismantling, transporting, refurbishing and seeking replacement parts for both civilian and government aircraft. They specialize in storage, repair, and aircraft parts and aircraft transportation. ARM is more than qualified to restore useless and dysfunctional aircrafts back to their best shape. That’s because all their technicians are highly qualified to make sure that you can fly your aircraft safely the next time you decide to use it whether for business or leisure.

Long’s Aircraft Service

Long’s Aircraft service offers excellent aircraft repair, maintenance and restoration for both old and current aircraft models. No aircraft is too big, too old or too complicated for them because their team is committed to pour out their skills, knowledge and experience in every project to ensure that you get to fly a fully-functional and efficient aircraft. They take pride in their extensive experience coupled with their exceptional skills to make all their customers satisfied with their service.

Aircrafts are expensive so when something goes wrong, it is imperative that you have it fixed right away but don’t rush because you can’t afford to let it fall into the wrong hands. You have to make sure that you let someone experienced, skilled and with the know-how to restore, repair and maintain your craft. Give these companies a try.