Everything You Need To Know About Florida Traffic School Online

If you’re a driver in the state of Florida and you receive a traffic ticket, you can usually complete an online DMV approved traffic course to avoid having any points added to your driver’s license. The Florida DMV approves online traffic schools in Florida.

toy model cars having a traffic accidentThe traffic course is for drivers that have received a speeding ticket or a moving violation within the previous 12 months. Drivers may take the course once in a 12-month period. They may take the class 5 times in their lifetime. In order to receive credit for completing the course, the clerk of the court will need to have a copy of the certificate of completion of the course.

Here is an example of various types of online courses available on this site’s page to register for a Florida online traffic school course, We don’t endorse any particular traffic school, but there are many to choose from. You’ll have to have access to a computer that can get online. You’ll need to include your name, address, your driver’s license number and the citation number. You’ll also need to enter the county that you received your ticket in. This information will all be placed on the certificate that the traffic school gives to you upon completion of the course.

There are a few different courses that may be taken online for traffic school. There is an 8-hour traffic school that a judge or a court may order you to take due to your ticket. This is an 8-hour intermediate course that is recommended to improve your driving capabilities.

Many counties in Florida are allowing drivers to take this course if they have previously taken the 4-hour traffic course (within the previous 12 months).

Drivers who are over the age of 55 may be eligible for a mandatory discount on their auto insurance if they take a course. This can amount to approximately 10 percent per year. Just print out the certificate and show it to your insurance company to receive your discount.

Always check with your auto insurance agency prior to taking this to ensure that you’re not already receiving your discount for being a driver over the age of 55 years.

Depending on your record, your type of car and the reason for driving that car you may be eligible for up to $100 in savings annually and up to $300 every 3 years.

Florida also has a 12-hour online traffic school that is referred to as the advanced driver improvement course. It’s usually ordered or recommended for anyone who has excessive points on their driver’s license. If you’re facing the possibility of having your driver’s license suspended or if you’ve already had it suspended, a judge or court may give you the option to take this course.

If you successfully complete the course you may, depending on the court’s decision, be able to get your license returned or get a “hardship license” for driving to and from work. This course is also available online.

Online classes are ideal for those who are working or attending school and can’t miss work or school. They are convenient and easy to take from the comfort of your own home. All that’s required is a computer with online access.

Traffic school is an option for anyone who has received a ticket for a non-criminal moving violation. It doesn’t apply to commercial drivers. If a driver was recently in an at-fault crash, someone was taken to a hospital, the driver had more than one crash in a two-year time frame, the driver has a reckless driving ticket, or the driver was cited for racing or failure to stop for a school bus, they need to take this class.