Why Are Hair Salon Products So Expensive?

As more and more people are discovering each day in this frantic modern world, one of the best ways to unwind is to simply step out of the world and focus on oneself for a short while, whether it’s a night out at the clubs or a night in alone with really good take out. One particular option people are finding surprisingly comforting is focusing on their beauty routine, whether it’s doing a full-fledged formal make up job just to practice the process, or treating oneself as a doll and dressing up for the mirror. Other people lean towards scented baths intended to soothe the skin or the old standby of doing one’s nails until they’re perfect.

Professional cheerful hairdresser holding hair of her client while showing her new hairstyle.

Of note is the ever-expanding range of hair products on the market that allege to transform any head of hair into a full-fledged mane worthy of a Hollywood movie or state dinner. However, like everything else on the market, there is a wide range of products in the hair care market ranging from low end bulk bottles of shampoo sold to people who have little concern, to a dizzying array of products that when taken together create a very specialized routine for a very specific head of hair. With products intended for dyed hair, curly hair, long hair, permed hair and practically any other kind of hair under the sun, most people can find something for their mane with little or no difficulty.

Products found at a professional hair salon are among the most highly sought after of these products, and thus tend to come with an attendant sizable price tag. Most people in this tight economy thus opt for lower priced alternatives found in pharmacies and supermarkets. Because many of these cheaper products can also be specialized and somewhat effective for a specific kind of hair, like natural hair, millions of people who do not have a ton of money to spend on their hair lean towards these products.

However, salon hair products are priced the way they are for a reason. These products are created from tested formulas favored by the best hair stylists in the world and can be even more specialized than anything found in the supermarket or drug store. Each of these products, be it a shampoo or styling gel or nearly anything else, is crafted to be very good at a very specific task, whether it’s adding volume to curls or creating a wild new hair color.

Each such product has spent years being tested in order to ensure that it does everything it claims to without risking damage elsewhere in the overall scheme of the human head of hair. These products are generally less damaging to human hair and less likely to lead to unwanted side effects such as shedding, drying or whitened hair. These products are the formulas from which lesser brands of hair product are modeled from, but with higher quality ingredients in everything ranging from the color to the scent. For those who can handle the best, salon hair products are the way to go.

Telescoping Flag Poles are Gaining in Popularity

If you are considering getting your first flagpole or need to replace the one you already have, there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration. There are many different styles, materials, and other features that are unique to each manufacturer. It’s easy to immediately get overwhelmed with all the choices at hand. But if you take the time and write down your options, it will become clear which few are best for you and your situation.

How Much Money Do You Plan to Spend?

There are a wide range of prices involved and some flagpoles that you see are designed for use in business, so they’re quite tall and have concrete bases to hold them tight in the strongest of storms. You’ll want to check with local regulations to see what the limits are for residential flagpole height.

Every municipality is going to be different and you don’t want to have to tear it down and start over because a neighbor complained. Plus, remember, just because a neighbor complains doesn’t mean they’re anti-flag or unpatriotic, but it may be blocking their view of the mountains, ocean or some other important scenery. Some places will have their building codes available online which will make it easier. Plus, you may have to buy a building permit in some areas so be aware of that. You should also become acquainted with the Federal Law on how to display the flag so that you are in compliance.

When figuring your budget, be sure to include all of the different charges like shipping and installation. Because they’re large and made of metal, it can cost quite a bit to ship them, and installation can cost as much as the pole you buy as well. If you aren’t having it professionally installed, you should at least study how deep the post needs to go and how much of a concrete footing you need to hold it in place so that it doesn’t blow over in the next strong wind.

Telescoping Flagpoles Are Easier to Ship

Years ago, most flagpoles were all one piece construction, but shipping them was incredibly expensive. Nowadays you can buy the telescoping flagpoles and sectional flagpoles that are easier in every way. They are much easier to erect than the one-piece pole and cheaper to buy too. If you have trouble raising and lowering your flag you should check into the telescoping pole since those make the job far easier.

But perhaps the biggest benefit is that telescoping flagpoles do not require ropes or chains to raise the flag. You simply slide each section of the pole up into place until it is fully raised. You won’t have to worry about tangled ropes or chains and you also won’t have the noise of them banging on the flagpole when it gets windy.

If you’re just getting started looking, you might want to drive through the neighborhood and see what others are doing. Ask them how they like their pole and how easy it is to raise and lower the flag on a daily basis. If it’s too difficult to do, you’ll find yourself skipping the task on many days and that’s not why you wanted it in the first place. It’s also a good idea to read the online reviews so that you get a wide variety of opinions before you decide.